Rotary Encoders / Angle Sensors
Measuring and monitoring of rotary speed and rotary shaft positions at machines, installations and electrical drives.

Industrial Encoders Absolute

Magnetic or optical sensing
Always the best technology for your application
All relevant signal interfaces & shaft versions
Wide and convenient selection
Compact designs 28 … 58 mm
Time- & space-saving installation

Industrial Encoders Incremental

Compact in size
Robust and modular design
From 24 mm design on to 85 mm hollow shaft diameter
Precise optical or robust magnetic sensing
common installation options, HTL, TTL and SinCos output signals

Bearingless Encoders

Wearfree magnetic sensing technology
Space-saving short mounting depth
Reliable especially in most demanding environments
Incremental and absolute variants

Motor Feedback Encoders

Precise optical sensing – for optimal signal and control quality in your application
Selection flexibility by wide variety of electrical and mechanical interfaces
Compact designs of 36 mm minimum save time and space in installation
High-performance digital interface with one-cable technology (available soon)

HeavyDuty Encoders Absolute

Highly robust HeavyDuty mechanics and innovative technology
Precise, optical or magnetic scanning
Extensive interface portfolio and additional incremental signals
Maintenance-free, energy harvesting HeavyDuty revolution counter – without battery, without gearbox

HeavyDuty Encoders Incremental

Unrivalled service life and reliability – the original Hübner Berlin
Proven HeavyDuty design with double-sided bearing setup
Precise speed signals for improved process control and process quality
Minimizing time and cost-intensive downtime
Benefit from more than 60 years of experience of the world market leader

Hall And Speed Sensors

Detection of speed and rotation direction of gear wheels
Wear-free and thus extremely low-maintenance
Particular robust variants available